A reinvention of ethics in the digital age?

    Should we ban war robots or are they something we might want?
    What can computer games tell us about our morals?
    Is it OK to love a robot?
    What is ethical design in the digital world?
    How do we need to regulate the algorithms that impact our lives?

    The digital transition puts our ideas about morality to the test, presenting us with new questions in all areas of life: politics, economy, social life, communication, entertainment. In twenty contributions, experts from Europe, America and Asia rise to the challenge of finding answers to some of the new issues confronting us.

    The authors offer new perspectives on topics like robots for eldercare, autonomous vehicles, personal drones or data ethics. They present their ideas on how we, as a society, can deal with the digital challenges to our ethics and values. Their contributions provide insights into highly topical reflections on what is morally right in our digital era. Above all, they are an invitation to think and to join the discussion.


    The reinvention of ethics is our job!
    Introduction by Philipp Otto and Eike Gräf

    Digitalization as ethical challenge
    Interview with Rafael Capurro

    The Mangrove society
    Sharing the infosphere with artificial agents
    Luciano Floridi

    Sex robots and robot sex from an ethical perspective
    Oliver Bendel

    Necessary algorithms
    Thoughts on the new techno-political conditions for cooperation and the collective
    Felix Stalder

    What does ethical design look like in the age of emotional malware?
    Fake news, machine learning, and creating user transparency in an age of user mistrust inside large scale networks
    Caroline Sinders

    Personal drones and value sensitive design
    David G. Hendry

    The doctor will not see you now
    The algorithmic displacement of virtuous medicine
    Brent Mittelstadt

    Building ethical robots for eldercare
    Susan Leigh Anderson and Michael Anderson

    The need for moral algorithms in autonomous vehicles
    Ryan Jenkins

    Terminator ethics: Should we ban “killer robots”?
    Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer

    Death, violence, sex: The matter of morals in games
    Stephan Petersen and Benedikt Plass-Fleßenkämper

    Skinner boxes all the way to the singularity
    Tom Chatfield

    The withering of freedom under law?
    Blockchain, transactional security and the promise of automated law enforcement
    Karen Yeung

    Exploring the twilight area between person and product
    Koert van Mensvoort

    Data ethics
    Developing a new business ethics
    Gry Hasselbalch and Pernille Tranberg

    The internet is not gender neutral
    On gender ethics in internet public spaces
    Hu Yong

    Internet access as a human right—a step towards equality?
    Interview with Kosta Grammatis

    Data protection and ethics
    Giovanni Buttarelli

    What digitalization means for the future of our energy systems
    Rafaela Hillerbrand, Christine Milchram, Jens Schippl

    Of robots and humans—where is the real danger?
    Interview with Kate Darling